What is Digital Signage and how does it work?

Eventignite Digital Signage eliminates the need for traditional, static signage at exhibitions. It uses software to synchronise information on dozens of screens showing what’s on in every area of the show.

Eventignite Digital Signage adds a professional and innovative look to every exhibition.

Visitors love it because it makes it very easy for them to decide what to do and where to go next.

How much does it cost?

Eventignite package includes Digital Signage software, full content management and production as well as project management. Depending on the complexity of the system the price will vary between £250 Р£500 per screen, reg

Is there a way to offset the cost?

Yes, in fact most of our clients generate more sponsorship revenue than the total cost of the system. See the section below on how to generate sponsorship revenue using Eventignite Digital Signage or contact us to discuss your requirements and we will recommend the most suitable sponsorship opportunities.

How can I generate revenue with EventIgnite Digital Signage?

Eventignite Digital Signage offers multiple sponsorship opportunities that organisers can offer to exhibitors.

The most popular one is ‘Exhibitor Discovery’ Adverts – short video clips with an optional Call To Action message that are rotated on the screens. In addition, Full Screen video adverts and longer video clips can also be sold to exhibitors.

Secondly, timed Visitor Announcements can be displayed on the screens encouraging visitors to visit a particular stand (product demo or a competition that an exhibitor is running).

Finally, sponsored social media messages can be displayed on the screens throughout the show, usually Twitter messages.

How many Digital Signs do I need for my show?

We recommend at least 1 screen per thousand expected visitors to the show. The number of exhibitor adverts can also have impact on the number of screens – the more adverts, the more screens are recommended so that each advert gets an adequate amount of air time. On average, a medium-sized show will require around 10 Digital Signage screens.

What kind of screens can be used for Digital Signage?

Digital Signage screens can be free-standing, wall-mounted or inside an enclosure on the show floor. This will depend on your requirements as well as your A/V company. Eventignite Digital Signage can also run to large LED screens.

How many exhibitor adverts can be rotated on the screens?

We usually recommend 1 exhibitor advert per screen (the adverts are rotated in a loop on all screens). This can also depend on the exhibitor’s sponsorship package.

What kind of content can be shown on Digital Signage?

Dynamic conference agenda – upcoming sessions with past sessions dropping off as day goes on.

Visitor Announcements – can be timed for a particular time of day and have logos

Twitter feeds – usually exhibition #hashtag or organiser @handle

Exhibitor video adverts – Full Screen or Half Screen

Can EventIgnite Digital Signs include Twitter / replace Twitter walls?

Yes, Eventignite Digital Signage can display Twitter feeds on all screens throughout the show. The Twitter feeds include tweeted photos and can be moderated.

I would like to book a demo of EventIgnite system

Great – send us an email to hello@eventignite.com or call us on +44 (0)20 7803 4001 and we will schedule a demo depending on your requirements

Technical Questions

Is internet connection necessary and what kind?

Yes, internet connection is necessary to perform live updates to the content and to run a live Twitter feed. The ideal connection is a stable VLAN network, the cheapest option available will usually suffice. In addition, Internet connection allows us to monitor all screens in real-time and guarantee stable performance.

What are the power requirements for the screens?

Standard 13A power sockets are sufficient to power one or two screens at once.

How we work with Event Organisers and what are the deadlines for organiser content on Digital Signage?

The deadline for organiser content on Digital Signage is 7 business days before the start of the event. Existing content can be amended after the deadline however we cannot guarantee that new content submitted after the deadline will be published.

Conference programme – as website link, Excel, Word or any other format. If there are theatre sponsors, we will need their logos.

Visitor Announcements – “Download the show mobile app” / “Don’t miss the keynote sessions at 10am with Speaker X” / “Check out a new show feature this year” / “Visit stand Y to see a demo of product Y” etc. Usually the marking team will have these ready as e.g. scheduled Tweets or app notifications and can forward them to us

Exhibitor Adverts – we can use existing exhibitor videos (preferably short) and/or animate their print artwork. We can work with almost any format and size of video and artwork. Alternatively, we are able to produce video adverts from scratch and can liaise directly with exhibitors (producing adverts is included in the price of Eventignite Digital Signage

Organiser adverts – Full Screen or Half Screen