One key reason for investing in a digital signage system is that it can be used to generate sponsorship revenue. If done well, digital advertising signage can really improve your visitors’ experience by acting as an interesting, engaging, and relevant source of content.

If you’re wondering how to start generating revenue from your digital signs, wonder no more! Here are the five most popular ways you can get started.

1. Half-Screen Digital Adverts

Half-screen ads are ideal for digital timetable screens because they don’t take up the whole screen. What’s more, you can easily curate the display so visitors can see what’s happening now and what’s up next.

On the other half of the screen, you can show a live Twitter feed, relevant calls-to-action, or display what exhibits and shows are happening right now in different parts of the event.

Half-screen digital adverts are also great for exhibitors with a limit budget – because they only have half the screen to advertise, the only have to pay half the price.

How much should you charge for half-screen digital adverts? £250 – £1,000 depending on the number of visitors and screens.

2. Full-Screen Digital Adverts

Full-screen ads do exactly as they say on the tin – provide exhibitors with a full-screen to display their content on. This option provides advertisers with an unparalleled amount of exposure and are visible for up to 30 metres away when displayed on a regular 50 inch screen.

How much should you charge for full-screen digital adverts? £500 – £1,500 depending on the number of visitors and screens.

3. Exclusive Digital Signage Screens

If you plan on having a sponsor or VIP lounge or a networking bar, exclusive digital signage screens can be a great addition. The exclusivity part means you only display adverts from one of your sponsors (and maybe a couple of house adverts thrown in for good measure).

These premium signs give the sponsor up to 10x the amount of screen time for their advert, and they can easily be targeted towards visitors at certain points throughout the event. If you don’t want to limit your screens to just one sponsor, you can always offer exclusive space to exhibitors for a specific time during the day, like during a networking lunch or a relevant show.

How much should you charge for exclusive digital signage screens? We recommend charging around £1,000+, but this option lends itself well to being bundled in with the sponsorship deal for the entire show.

4. Exclusive Twitter Feeds

IPEXPO Exclusive Twitter Feed - EventIgnite Digital Signage

Sharing live Twitter feeds throughout your event can add a sense of community and interactivity to the proceedings. Visitors can see what’s happening in real-time, and exhibitors get a chance to interact with potential customers digitally.

So it makes sense that this should be a must-have option for your event, right? Well, surprisingly, it’s actually a pretty underused method – but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it.

Digital signage screens can be set up to show Tweets from a particular sponsor or a specific hashtag alongside other content. If the sponsor is professional and trustworthy, this can easily be run on autopilot to provide a constantly-changing and engaging backdrop throughout the day.

5. Sponsored Calls-To-Action

Sponsored Call-To-Action - EventIgnite Digital Signage Vitafoods 2016

Calls-to-action can be extremely powerful tools to employ at your event, because they jolt visitors into action and encourage them to do a certain thing at a certain time.

And, because calls-to-actions can be timed (and should be, if you want to create a sense of urgency), they are perfect for promoting upcoming exhibitor-led sessions or events on certain stands.

Having a series of calls-to-action throughout your event space and throughout the day means you can curate an experience or a journey that best benefits your visitors (and your exhibitors).

How much should you charge for sponsored calls-to-action? £100+ depending on how long the call-to-action will stay on the screen.

Thomas Walczak

By Thomas Walczak

I am the Founder and Managing Director of EventIgnite, a technology company dedicated to creating an effortless experience at events. EventIgnite develops professional digital signage systems, including interactive and large-format digital signs. Don't hesitate to send me an email at [email protected]