Our Story

Since 2013, EventIgnite has been on a mission to improve visitor experience at large events. We have used our digital signage technology to help exhibition visitors better navigate and get more value out of exhibitions.

John Robson and Thomas Walczak founded EventIgnite, a digital signage company dedicated to making sure that every visitor gets the most out of exhibitions and at the same time has a fun and productive day.

Although digital signage at exhibitions is still in its infancy, it has a huge potential.

We think that live events are the most effective and engaging form of marketing. They put a face to a company and create real-life connections – something we all crave as humans, especially in a world where people spend most of their time glued to a screen.

But, for events to be successful, getting the visitor experience right is absolutely critical.

This was the reason we started the company – to help organisers who want to improve the visitor journey through their show and to ensure that visitors get the most out of their time, even the most technology-averse ones! 


Our Team

Thomas Walczak
Managing Director

Thomas Walczak - Managing Director

John Robson

John Robson - CEO

Petar Iliev
Project Manager

Petar Iliev - Project Manager

Bertrand Fava
UI Design

Bertrand Fava - UI Design

Tomas Bumbulevicius
Motion Graphics

Tomas Bumbulevicius -  Motion Graphics