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Digital signage is a great technology that’s simple to understand and can really boost your visitors’ experience.

In fact, it’s a great addition to almost any event!

However, having listened to our former clients about why they were not using digital signage, we noticed a few themes emerged.

We’ve laid them out here for you.

1. Your Event Has a Simple Format

If your event is very small or requires only a very small amount of content, you might not actually need digital signage.

Instead, you can probably get away with using a DIY solution, like PowerPoint slides and a video running on a loop.

You can always use traditional printed signs outside of seminar theatres, which, for most small events, are absolutely sufficient.

It’s really worth thinking about what exactly you’ll use digital signage for and, if it’s just for the sake of it, it’s probably not the best solution for your event.

2. Visitor Experience Is Not a Priority

Maybe your event isn’t run for your visitors.

Or maybe you have a short-term vision that sees investment in a better visitor experience as spending profits and a waste of money.

Event organisers with this mindset often focus on successfully launching the event in a chosen market with the intention to sell it on as soon as it becomes viable.

Although this might work for some people as a business model, I don’t agree with it as an approach to events.

The way I see it is like this: it’s not forward-thinking and hurts the industry as a whole.

So in this case, no, these events are not a good fit for digital signage or, when it comes down to it, almost anything that improves visitor experiences.

3. The Audience Doesn’t Care or is Old-Fashioned

Before any event, visitors will have a preconceived idea about what to expect.

And, for some events and industries, the visitors have come to expect a certain kind of experience. This might mean they won’t be interested in (or appreciate) the organiser’s efforts to upgrade the look and feel of the event and bring a more modern look and feel to the event.

Before you dive into digital signage, be sure to think about who your audience really are and what they will expect from an event like yours.

4. Unusually High A/V and Venue Costs

If you’re running on a tight budget, or have a limited amount of resources to tap into, you might find that digital signage pulls on your purse strings a bit too much.

High A/V costs, especially due to a preferred venue supplier (which can often be the case in certain venues), may make the investment in digital signage prohibitively expensive for some events.

That being said, in most cases, you’ll be able to find a supplier and a venue that fits within your budget.

5. Exhibitors Are Not Interested in On-Site Digital Adverts

Not all exhibitors are interested in displaying digital adverts.

This might be because of the industry they’re in, the nature of the event, or the audience they’re trying to market to.

If you want to use digital signage for advertising rather than serving up visitor information, and you’re not sure how many adverts will actually be booked by exhibitors, it might be worth holding off on investing in digital signage or at least negotiating a deal with your supplier.

6. Usual or Very Open Layout of the Show

The venue of your show has a lot to answer to when it comes to digital signage.

If it has a lot of open seminar theatres, you might need multiple signs to make sure there is enough information for visitors coming at it from different angles.

This will ramp up the prices, particularly if you need to have a lot of screens in a small area.

Short of investing in larger screens, you might choose to stick to traditional printed signs instead.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the reasons that a lot of event organisers choose not to invest in digital signage can be quite specific or trivial, and many are not applicable to most events.

In fact, the majority of these objections can be overcome, especially if you want to create a smooth visitor experience for your guests and exhibitors.

If you’re considering digital signage, feel free to get in touch by sending me a message.

Thomas Walczak

By Thomas Walczak

I am the Founder and Managing Director of EventIgnite, a technology company dedicated to creating an effortless experience at events. EventIgnite develops professional digital signage systems, including interactive and large-format digital signs. Don't hesitate to send me an email at [email protected]